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WHERE:Montebello, QB
WHEN:June 14-15, 2013
WEBSITE: Official Website


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  • March 22, 2013

    chris in kansas

    Can you help get my crew and me there please all our most favorable bands all there in one spot.please help…..

  • June 17, 2013


    For those of you interested in next year’s (2014 edition), I suggest you read the reviews/comments on the net to get a general idea of how terrible the 2013 edition was … This was my 3rd Rockfest. The last 2 weren’t that bad. I’m 33, spent 12 years in europe going to countless festivals, I’m living in canada now and have never witnessed such a poorly organized festival… Overflowing toilets, the sent of piss and shit everywhere, only 1 entrance to the festival site, locations to pick up bracelets which were metionned on the official Facebook page, were non-existant, up to 4! hours waiting time to get bracelets, bands cancelled and fans unnotified, sound problems, schedual problems, stage problems, lagwagon getting switched from the main stage to one of the smaller stages which obviously had no place in front for the mass of people, camp site problems including people who paid for spots but were turned around because the sites were full, shuttle busses being up to an hour late even not showing up at all at one site, the lack of security on site, the lack of staff, the lack of clean up up crews… the list goes on and on and on… I did enjoy the bands that I saw (MM bosstones, M caddies, Pennywise, Arseniq33, lagwagon, sick of it all, M manson, offspring, mononc serge, millencollin, transplants etc…) and if it wasn’t for the New World Conspiracy booth and their amazing crew, Rockfest 2013 would go down in my book as the WORST FESTIVAL EXPERIENCE EVER !

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