Willamette Country Music Festival 2012

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WHERE:Brownsville, OR
WHEN:August 17-19, 2012
WEBSITE: Official Website


Willamette Country Music Festival is an event that is focused on offering the very best in country entertainment in a venue that is family-friendly and safe for all to enjoy.


  • Canaan Smith
  • James Wesley
  • Attwater
  • Jana Kramer
  • Billy Currington
  • Bomshel
  • The Band Perry
  • Lee Brice
  • Sugarland
  • Rodney Atkins
  • Martina McBride
  • Amy Clawson
  • Trace Adkins


  • August 21, 2012

    country fan!

    great line-up, but not a well run festival!! We arrived Thursday pm after travelling 8 hours, and were pointed to our rv section. Nobody was around to direct units, so parked according to units there…..ended up moving when a quad showed up and told everyone to shift (not a big deal)….then another quad shows up and the volunteers could not tell what side of the flags everyone was to be parked on. Very few port-a-potties, few showers, and a long way away!!! Very little knowledge of where or what was happening by most. The field was very rough, major ditches and potholes everywhere…..especially the “roads”….and very little lighting at nights making walking a challenge! Only one road out made the traffic rediculous after the shows, watched one vehicle sit for 1 1/2 hours without moving…waiting to get out….many people very frustrated. similar problems for folks coming into the venue on Friday evening, talked to one family that took 2 hours to get into the fields from the freeway…about 4 miles away. None of the workers could tell if there was going to be changes to the exit plans, so had to leave early Sunday to not get caught in traffic!! Missed a few great acts to be sure to make it home in time for work! Shuttles were wagons pulled by tractors, nice but no set schedule or routes. Sound system and video screens were good, garbage pick up in the camping area good, entertainers very good, but overall not one of the better festivals to attend. Watershed Festival in Washington MUCH better organized, better viewing, and nicer venue. Jamboree in Sweet Home was better run, cleaner, and a major step up. Hopefully things will improve, but we will pass next year…even though the line-up is looking great.

    • August 22, 2012


      Couldn’t agree more… with EVERYTHING. I was one of the ones stuck in traffic on Friday, missed Rodney Atkins even though I pulled off the freeway at 7:15… didn’t get into the venue until 9pm. Left before Trace Adkins in order to make sure I got home early to work the next day. Almost twisted my ankle on the ground more times than I can count. The volunteers were great!!! However, security (Elite Security) was trying to do their job but were obviously not well supervised. It was a running joke all weekend that the rules changed every 30 minutes. Which was TRUE! Overall, I had a great time… but man was it a mess!! Definitely need to step it up next year with overall management of the festival.

    • August 23, 2012

      Stephanie Vertrees

      It’s someone’s back field. There are going to be potholes and such. And they’re not going to add any exit roads. It’s someone’s back field. Portapotties can be rented by the day, they can be dropped off and picked up. The showers are few…because it’s someone’s back field. Shuttles had no set schedules…but they were running about every ten minutes.

  • August 24, 2012


    Well I can say on Friday afternoon around 6 ish we had some family coming down from Kamloops, BC. They called from I-5 so I walked up to meet them at will call. What I observed were 3 lanes for incoming guests with only the right lane being used. I walked toward the highway to find a stop sign at the entry road where the 3 lanes began. After talking to the volunteer and finding out he was alone I help with waving cars into the grounds to help unclog the hwy back up. Then I walked down to the beginning of the 3 lanes and like at the airport I loaded up the left, middle, and right lane. Only to be scolded by a volunteer that I didn’t work there. However was told to keep doing it because the flow was now moving much better. It amazed me that the volunteers were not allowed to make changes to improve the traffic situation without clearing it with their supervisors. Common sense says remove a stop sign when you are trying to move traffic. If there are 3 lanes have someone direct the lemmings into lanes and keep people moving, or a simple sign saying use all 3 lanes. Everyone wants to ask questions, well do that when your not blocking a single lane of traffic for 5 miles. Common sense is what I saw lacking from the volunteers and the guests. Good 4 days for us and I love the monster truck rides best $5 I have ever spent. Rode it 5 times over the weekend. Kelsie is one heck of a GIRL driver…;) Oh and I’m glad the Sherriff Deputy “Forest” was able to dig his patrol cruiser out of the drainage ditch in the field with his flash light Thursday night. That was some serious comedy to watch.

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