Get Trashed and Win Free Tickets To Coachella 2012

Sporting a boring drab green paint-job, recycling bins provide a giant yawn when it comes to style. Except at Coachella. This being California and this being one of the largest festivals in the world, of course Coachella would have the raddest bins on the planet courtesy of the TRASHed campaign from non-profit Global Inheritance.

The TRASHed :: Art Of Recycling campaign is an ongoing recycling education program that redefines the way people view recycling and trash collection. Global Inheritance arranges the artistic redesign of recycling bins, then integrates the bins at high visibility events to encourage recycling and provide additional outlets for people to appreciate the artwork. Live paintings often occur at events in addition to the ongoing display of artist bins created beforehand.

How does this translate to free tickets? This year, Global Inheritance is accepting artist submissions to design one of 50 recycling bins. If your design is chosen, you’ll scoop up a ticket to Coachella!

See more info about the contest here.

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