[CONTEST] Win Free Tickets to All Good 2011


All Good wants to hear what you thought about their festival this year. It looks like a short survey where your feedback will be used to improve the concert next year. More important, one lucky winner will walk away with a pair of tickets to All Good 2011.

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  • August 19, 2010


    Everything to do with this festival was ALL GOOOOOOOOD :) Im so happy I went, I saved up my lunch money every day to go to this festival, and it was honestly the best experience ive ever had. Even the 8 hour car ride was fun, just knowing that soon Id be relaxing at the campsite and be able to go groove at the music. This years lineup was amazing, it couldn’t of been any better.
    The venue was great, there was bangin food and awesome stuff for sale. I think a majority of the people who came to all good were pretty responsible too, cause I did not see anyone getting into any sort of trouble.

    Furthur, Dark Star Orchestra, Bassnectar, Lotus, The New Deal, Old Crow Medicine Show, George Clinton— and mannnnny more. All of them did a great set! Hats off to you guys!

    Not to mention the view of when you are on Marvin Mountaintop is stunning, the sunset is gorgeous too. All Good compared to Gathering of the Vibes makes Vibes look like CRAP!

    I deff plan on going next year if I have the transportation and money, since it was HANDS DOWN- the best festival ive been to yet… and many of my friends agree!

    SEE YA NEXT YEAR, maybe if ya bless me with a free ticket!!!!! :)

  • August 19, 2010


    There should be everytno strict security when entering the music venue. Plain and simple. Other then that everything is ALL GOOD!!! Thank you for all you do!!

  • September 8, 2010


    All Good was fabulousssss as everrrr <3 third year in a row and i cannot wait until the next!!

    I camped in the feild this time for the first time usually im up in the woods behind ropeadope and it was hotttt but amazing! All Good is the best place in the world to be and it was literally the only thing that I did over the summer that was fun (I am a college Junior Bio major so the funds arent always there) but i always make SURE that I have money for AllGOOD its a necessity.

    The lineup was amazing and I would just love to say THANKYOUUUU for giving bassnectar more than 40 minutes!!! Lotus was a prime, the people were friendly, and the security was good too! Last year I filled one of these out (sadly didnt win) and I suggested Hand Sanitizer and things like that and I am happy to see that all hygene-type-things were GREATLY improved. I know it isnt what most people think about when they are reflecting on Allgood but I was soooooooooooooooo happy that the porta potties were pumped soooo many times a day beccause I know for a FACT it was not near as often last year or the year before.

    I also loved the artist's tent in the main venue I would definitely love to see those amazing drawings next year!

    HIGHLIGHT + my boyfriend was walking around shakedown on the last day and actually met Keller!! he was walking around between sunday shows and my boyfriend had a chance to shake his hand and say I LOVE YOU before he was golf-carted away. thats the thing about allgood i love its so huge but feels like a small safe community at the same time and there is always a chance for an amazing experience like that.

    Anyway… I loved AllGood and I always have I always come Early bird (try to be the first in) and leave after the last show and I would love to be feelin the vibes of a ticket comin my way for 2011 year of the RABBIT <333333

  • September 20, 2010

    Mark C

    i will never be the same. thankyou. i will be there next time. hopefully more prepared. the people of allgood saved my life and gave me a free tshit! yall are the reason i love life. and of course a few other people. hopefully some of them will be able to tag along with me next time.

  • October 7, 2010


    All Good ’10 was such a f@#kin’ trip!! I enjoyed it sooo much. The only thing I can say to try to improve on it is to have lighting at the camp sites in the far reaches of the grounds. I got lost one night and almost had a bad trip. If it was’nt for this angelic man, who helped me find my way, I would have lost my mind.
    Other then that, it was All Good!!! I’d like to know how much the tix are for the VIP camping and when I should purchase them for ’11.
    Thanks All Good, you made my year!!

  • October 21, 2010

    Gaelen Edwards

    Allgood was amazing..had a blast…camped with people we just met and they had to be the coolest people Ive ever met, the scenerie was gorgous, the music was mind blowing and the atmoshere was alsome…and i love how after the night was over people picked up there trash….ive been trying to go to allgod sense 2006 and i finally made is via 2010 and will for sure be there 2011…2012etc

  • October 26, 2010


    I have never been to a place like All Good. Never. All Good is basically the epitome of life itself. If only life could be that great and filled with love and mellow-ness at all times!
    Everything from our campsite, the music of course, the people, the lanterns lining the way to the stages, all the way to the crazy moments you experience with old AND new friends, it all made it the best experience of my life!!
    Even after leaving the festival, I was still so full of life and happiness that I have never really felt before. I wanted to talk and get to know everyone in my home town; give a hand shake to strangers and words of encouragement to anyone around. I wanted to try and spread the feeling I had at All Good to everyone who has never had the chance to experience it!
    I love the thought of people who come from all over being able to socialize and live together in such a peaceful, “green”, happy and groovy environment!
    I will most definitely be attending All Good 2011, no matter what I have to do to get there!!
    Can’t wait to see you all again!
    GO MELLOW!! <3

  • October 28, 2010


    Well I went this yr and car camped!! It was awsome my first time camping…
    Been going since 2003 love it only missed one yr do to being pregnet .
    But this yr was off the hook! Live the three day passes it’s so worth the money I love all the people it brings the awsome seen around beautiful sunset
    man i can’t wait for 2011!!! Best weekends of my life!!!

  • October 31, 2010

    Andrew Ciavardone

    Most amazing time of my life. Best 250$ I’ve ever spent. Would do it all over for the rest of my life. Everything was beautiful. The people who put together All Good did an amazing job of creating one of the best places to be at in the world. I’m already freaking out for next year.

  • November 27, 2010

    Brandon S

    All good 2010 was f—— crazy awsome. The ONLY thing (but i only saw it once) i had a problem with was people trying to pretend they were security and go through the camp ground and take peoples drugs, NOT cool man. If there is anyway to crack down on that shit that would be awsome. oh yeah, heres a message to anybody going to buy drugs there: Dont be completly mentaly fucked up when buying drugs there. i only ran into ONLY one person that brought bad vibes and he ended up selling me 140 dollars of plain ol’ paper, and when i found him when i was a little more mentaly stable i then understood the power of all good and the vibes there, because if i were at any other place, i would have punched his teeth through his head, but instead i missed kellar williams last show because i was trying to peacefully talk this guy into giving my money back, so he ended up giving me 90 of it back, and i was happy enough and went on my way.

    oh yeah, i’m sorry but i have to dissagree with eric up there, because lighting for all those parts of the camp ground would cost to much and would be a mood killer. although i got lost on throw down thursday because it was so foggy at night and i wasnt prepared, but i found some awsome hippies at their camp sight that were playing music and it was great. and the next day i found my way back, you just got to roll with it(and have 3D glasses on to keep you occupied lol.)

  • December 3, 2010

    Matthew Brown

    Are you Kidding!?!? All GooD is the best festival ever! 2010 was my first Allgood festival. Previously I have attended several Phish Festivals, 5 Bonnaroos, 10klf, Echo Project and Red Rocks shows. Allgood totally blew me away! It’s literally like stepping into another world. As soon as you arrive your cares melt away like magic and the party begins. Then it doesn’t end for 4 days! The stages are setup so there is non-stop music with no overlapping sets. Very well organized. Getting in and out was a breeze, with only a short wait in line to get in. There were lights in the trees and lanterns lighting your way to the show. If you didn’t feel like walking you could hail a golf cart taxi.
    The vibe was awesome, and there were lots of details that just made Allgood a really awesome time. Add that to an unbelievable lineup and some of the most gorgeous mountain views you have ever seen. If you have a chance to go don’t miss it. I know I won’t ; )
    After years of price increases and slack infrastructure, I’m through with Bonnaroo.
    From now on It’s ALL GooD!

  • December 16, 2010


    I am definitely looking forward to going to AllGood this year(2011) with my brother!!!! I just hope it’s not 110 degrees like it was last year! – Something that would make the festival PERFECT is: PHISH!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  • December 16, 2010

    Brian McKenna

    All Good…WOW. 2010 was my third year in a row to the beautiful Marvin’s Mountaintop and this was the best year i would say it just keeps getting better and better!! the line-up was epic from further to lotus to widespread gracepotter yonder keller!! many others i do not remember the names of but what i gooooood time. for the past 2 years i’ve been down with a group of 20+ and i love it! i will be back for 2011 for sure!!!!!!

  • December 16, 2010


    it was my first time at all good .. i wasnt sure what to expect and was completly blown away .. it was such an amazing experience , so many great people to meet and so much to see and do , the best thing was the great mix of people , having friends there to guide me that had been before .. its good to come prepared but really you could survive there if you forgot everything … because there are so many people there willing to help and lend you stuff plus all the great vendors …best word of advice it is hot as hell so bring lots of water and canopies to get some shade !

  • December 30, 2010

    Carrie Miller

    2011 will be my fifth year in a row at All Good,, its the best festival around for tons of reasons,, never miss any band you wana see,, constant awesome music, and you can always find someone new you never heard that just plain rox,, always a friendly atmosphere and just a great time, the name says it all. All Good,, ive met so many great folks and i cant wait to come back again and again,, i love it on the moutaintop and im looking forward to bringing a first timer with me this time round,, its just the festival of the year, every year,, blow off every other show you ever see and you will still have the best time of the summer at Marvins Mountaintop,,, whooo hoooo cant wait for the line up..

  • January 9, 2011


    2011 will be my second time at All Good It was my first festival ever and I found out Im a closet Hippy
    I loved it I dance the hole time I was there. I met no stangers everyone shared everything, no one was rude, no fighting just a bunch of fun loving, music loving, life loving people. Im going to take my daughter this year and I know she will love it too. As far as sugestions to make it better, I dont know how it could be, unless I won those free tickets. See you this summer.

  • January 16, 2011


    AllGood 2010 was a life changing experience. I went with some of my closest friends and had a blast. AllGood was my first festival, and let me tell you, im not longer the same person. The whole environment was amazing, i couldn’t believe the niceness of the people i met there, everyone was completely willing to help you out with anything, and the music was INSANE. Bassnectar, Lotus, OCMS, papadosio, rebelution.. amazing. The lineup this year will hopefully incorporate Pretty Lights. But, even if it doesnt, ill still have a blast.

    This year will be even better. Im going to be way more prepared. The heat was a bit of a problem, but hey, who cares when your having a blast on beautiful Marvins Mountaintop. Ive spent literally every day trying to get more and more people to show up this year, because the more the merrier. All my friends are dying to go because of the stories that i tell them. The ticket was a little expensive but its definately worth it, hopefully i could get that pair of tickets for me and my girl.

    See you all next year!

  • January 21, 2011


    All Good 2010 was awesome! Great people, great times, made some amazing new friends and got to know old ones even better. We’re definitely planning for 2011 akready :-) Can’t wait!

  • January 23, 2011

    Zach viermann

    I’d really love to get tickets but i dont have money but its ..All Good.

  • January 27, 2011


    I know that All Good has to be better than the experience that I had last year. Don’t get me wrong, the music and the set-up was phenomenal, but we had some rough times.

    My friends and I couldn’t camp by each other because on the way in, the parking workers made us go separate ways. After this, it took about 3 hours to find them again.
    The next day, my friend lost her footing on the path to the main stage and fell down about 15 feet, twisted her ankle, lost her shoes and had some cuts and bruises. None of the staff seemed to care when I asked for help to get her out.
    But the worst part of it all….my boyfriend got robbed at gunpoint (about $500 in cash and some other personal items). Hard to believe, I know, but it happened. To make matters worse we had driven about 20 hours to get there and had virtually no money to get back home.

    So why on earth would I want to back you may ask? Because of the music, the beautiful scenery and the awesome people that I met who made the experience so much better than it could have been. Thanks All Good for one crazy weekend, truly a beautiful place. I would love to go back there and give it one more try!

  • January 30, 2011

    Heather Mathews

    ALL GOOD was really ALL GOOD! It’s funny because those words never got old even after saying ALL weekend! I was extremely happy I went this year. It was the first festival that got all my friends together, near and far, and couldn’t have been a better venue to meet up at. It was truly a magical experience and I hope we all can repeat it this year with twice the amount of people and twice the amount of fun! Like I said before ALL GOOD was ALL GOOD and there isn’t much I would want you guys to change… except more places to f ill up water would be great, there is so much to do and see and keeping hydrated is a must!!!!! Also the lil girls and boys room could be cleaned more often. CLEAN FUN!!!

    Thank you for the long lasting memories!!! I hope I can continue to add more!!!

  • January 31, 2011

    Rodney Hess

    Well just like the rest of the folks that had posted comments, It was the timeof my 30’s..I would like to say to Emily, that I’m sorry that happened..I wish there was a way that those people could be weeded out..I heard about All Good 5 years ago, but every year I had something going on, and couldn’t makie it..All Good 2010 was epic..I took my brother, and my brother in law to Marvins Mountain top for a 3 day Bachlor party..My brother was getting married in Sept..Needless to say that it was simply Righteous..Eveything from the line up all the way to 100 degree weather..I saw the Grateful Dead in 1994, and it changed my life, my out look on life, and the way to be as a person..I will be attending All Good 2011 for the 15yr banger..I am bringing 3 of my friends this year that have never been..It’s going to be Ridiculous!!!!!!I want to camp in the woods this year for a different vibe with the trees and all..We actually camped beside a couple that my brother camped beside in 2009..Weird man..I saw this dude get dropped for playing Phish…It was 9 o’clock in the AM..Just things like that are B.S, but you’ll have that..Sunday befor leaving they had locked there keys in there car, so I used my AAA, and got them out for them..Just paying it forward..Hopefully it will fall back to me with the tixs..If not no biggie..still going to be the same ol Rodney just living the dream>>>Peace to all of you..See you in 5 months..

  • February 1, 2011


    Essence Music Fest Is ALWAYS ALL GOOD!!! I was blessed to go 2009 and It was educational, fun, exciting and a great experience for first timers such as myself! I My husband and I kept saying how a blessing it was to have a rainbow of people in one place and it was PEACEFUL!!! I felt at home walking around looking at the booths and vendors and the food was AWESOME!! There was always something to do and see…The jam sessions with the celebrities were the best because I was blessed to meet and take pictures with Brian McKnight, Mario Van Peoples and many other great African American patrons like Bill Cosby and Solede O’Bryan . I wasnt able to make it in 2010 due to death in my family but I am praying to make it this year 2011 because my hubby and i enjoyed ourself so much the last time..Also because it will be my our 10th wedding anniversary!

    The only thing I would like to suggest would be tighter organization on getting people in and out of the main doors when starting up the break sessions…People were pushing and trying to pick pocket due to the large crowds of people. Also for the disable there should be a separate door for them to go in because I witnessed some elderly people getting pushed and disrespected…That should never be like that but hopefully the lines will be better organized by incorporating a number system or color code for going in…just a thought…other than that, Great JOB Essence and It’s ALL GOOD!

  • February 9, 2011

    Jane Barbacane

    Its ALL GOOD.
    Its okay.
    I don’t know why I act that way.
    Farie weddings and
    Come on back OCMS and lets go FURTHER.
    Mama I’d like some DISCO BISCUITS, I want WIDESPREAD conscoiousness.
    It was 96 degrees in the shade we need more water on MARVIN’S MOUNTAINTOP.
    Like a WAVE POOL or POND or LAZY RIVER (with filters).
    I wanna go, I be with my friends
    ALL GOOD I miss you
    let me come back

  • February 10, 2011

    Sarah Bolton

    All Good Festival 2010 was every bit as good as it’s name implies. The line-up was amazing to say the least, and it’s fantastic that there are no overlapping sets. I find that a rare thing in a music festival, and even though having to decide between two great bands is a problem i don’t mind having, it’s fantastic not to have to choose at all.
    The people were so friendly and loving and I definitely found that overall, there was very little ‘sketch factor’ if any. It’s really fantastic to fall asleep without being lulled in and out of your dreams by the sounds of a nitrous tank. Also, a rare thing in a festival!
    And finally, what better place is there than on marvin’s mountaintop to be serenaded and befriended and dance and play among likeminded people. To quote someone I overheard at last year’s All Good, “they’re playing fire on the mountain! And we’re on a mountain!” Well played All Good. Well played.

  • February 15, 2011


    All Good was the first festival I ever went too. I went alone because all my friends were too lazy to buy a ticket. So I was in a huge crowd of total strangers camping in the woods and living on bread and water and ramen…. AND IT WAS THE GREATEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!! I met so many cool people who instantly just accepted me as one of their own. I made lifelong friends, jammed with some incredible people, and got to see several of my favorite bands of all time. I don’t think I stopped smiling during that entire weekend, and for at least 2 weeks afterward. All Good 2010 was my Heaven on Earth and introduced me to the wonder and excitement of music festivals. Thank you so much All Good.

  • February 26, 2011


    All Good last year was the first music festival i have ever been too. It instantly changed my life, and the way i view things. The people, environment, music, and vibe all play this huge roll in the festival and everyone is connected, and there is just peace and love everywhere. It couldn’t of been better also because Bob Weir and Phil Lesh were playing and they truly changed my life when i was about 13/14 years old and from then i have listened to the deads music and it was just magical being able to be front row and to see somebody that completely changed my life, and has helped me through many tough times. There gonna be here this year and i will be front row once again. I would not miss another All Good experience ever again. By far the best time i have ever had. Make sure you get there early so you can get a good camping spot, because i was a little far away but that honestly didn’t matter at all, it actually was pretty cool cause i was like away from all the madness down the mountain, and then i could travel down and enter a different world. It’s just a blast, so many memories, so many great people, and one hell of a good time. Don’t miss out on yet another year of All Good!!!!

  • March 10, 2011

    Terry Emmett

    Last year was my first time at Allgood. I can’t wait to go back. I loved everything about. It was a break that I really needed to soothe my soul. This year has been really rough. We have two children, one with Autism. So, we don’t get to go out much. I really miss going to shows and I haven’t been to one since last year’s allgood. I’m really hoping that we can scrap up the money to go this year for another spiritual refuel. Thank you Allgood from the hearts of everyone who understands how uplifting music can be.

  • April 16, 2011


    First off the performers at ALL GOOD where great.But this was my 1st and hopefully only bad festival experience.Ive been to dozens of festivals and have always had a blast.I didnt even think i could ever have a bad festival experience.After further got done playing i took a trip back up to camp and found that all of me and my friends tents had been gone through.Lucky for me I had anything of valuable on me.But one of my friends who infact got me to go to ALL GOOD because we where going to celebrate him beating cancer.He had been walking around all day geting different types of dank probably 300$ worth or more.He had one bag with him left the rest in his backpack along with most of his $ for the trip back home to Illinois.Well someone had to take thing that dont belong to them.Some of are neighbors had things stolen from them as well.We went and told security who where just hanging out at the portapottys all weekend what happened to prevent this to happen to anyone else they pretty much told us to fuck off.After haning out for a bit and cooling off.A dude came by are camp we where all talking about what had just happen.He asked if we needed some Miss M and i picked up 2 G.I waited till the next night to use it and it was fake.What kind of person hangs out and listens to all the bs you just went through and turns around and rips you off?The lineup for 2011 looks great but i dont know about going or not.But i also dont wanna miss out on a great show just because of a few shitty pepole.Im already gonna b at summer camp and then one or two more festivals.But im not sure where else.But for all the real pepole that are at the shows you rock!

  • April 18, 2011


    The All Good Music Festival was an absolutely unfathomable event. Amazing music, amazing people, and a live that cant be beat. I think a really cool idea to incorporate into All Good would be areas for expression specifically. A place for festers to make a giant painting, sculpture, ect, to represent that year. A place with yoga by donation, to capture energy, and unite festers. The people at the All Good music festival all share one thing in common, the love for awesome music, to capture that in art, and in energy would be such an interesting element. Thank you very kindly for All Good, and all the good memories it has given me. <3

  • April 19, 2011

    Christina Merrill

    I have been touring for going on three years, but last year was my first hit at All Good (2010), and after the however long drive from the middle of North Carolina I found myself having the most religious experience up on that mountain top surrounded by kind family and good people. I remember vividly the rain sprinkling down and Old Crow playing some of their beautiful music and just dancing my heart out as the rain kissed my skin- which was wonderful considering the temperature. The hiking to get to your campsite makes you want to just live down by the stages, VIP has it lucky that’s for sure. Money is tight this year and where there is a will-there is a way and my way is to Marvin’s Mountain Top.

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