10000 Lakes Not Happening This Summer

On December 18th, Rose Presents (one of the principle partners in the 10,000 Lakes Festival) announced that 10KLF would be on official hiatus until further notice. Unfortunately, 10KLF could not grow to financial success.

This news came to a great disappointment to me. 10KLF shared an amazing seven years with artists and attendees and I only got to experience one of those years, 2009. I regret not making the trek up north in past years to experience this unique festival. I feel like I missed the boat. 10KLF was truly an extraordinary find for those who ventured all the way up to Soo Pass Ranch. With all the music festivals popping up these days 10KLF succeeded in maintaining an organic, simple, yet sublime music experience with both its environment and artist selection.

The organizers of 10KLF stated that they love their ardent fans and they will do their best to keep the music coming. Well, thanks 10KLF for the love and music! Lets all keep our fingers crossed that this news is not the start of a bitter trend for the summer of 2010.

cocoCoco is one of the resident festival experts here at the sight. She attended 10000 Lakes last summer along with a dozen other festivals.

Born during a sweaty, backstage, Bonnaroo downpour, the Chief Festival Junkie's mission in life is to dance, write, and travel to every great festival that this wide world has to offer. While his identity remains a mystery, you may have already met him, probably when he helped himself to your party favors.

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