What’s Happening This Weekend? Music Festivals for August 8-11, 2013


Outside Lands returns to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park this weekend. 

Time to Get Lost
From Bangor, Maine (Kahbang Festival), to Three Forks in Montana (Rockin’ The Rivers), and Squamish up in British Columbia (Live At Squamish), this weekend offers the chance to get off the beaten track and see the world.

An Empire State of Mind
It’s a big weekend for upstate New York and festivals. The Big Up will bring the dance to Hemlock Hollow Farm while the 14th annual moe.down will bring the jam to the Snowridge Ski Resort.

Head West Young Man
Göteborg, Sweden’s second largest city, will host the Way Out West Fest, bringing in talent like Neil Young, Alicia Keys, Public Enemy, Beach House, and Disclosure.

Music Festivals for August 8-11, 2013

Bloodstock 2013 - Derbyshire, UK August 8-11, 2013

Boomtown Fair 2013 - South England, UK August 8-11, 2013

Rebellion Festival 2013 - Blackpool, UK August 8-11, 2013

Edmonton Folk Festival 2013 - Edmonton, AB August 8-11, 2013

Haldern Pop Festival 2013 - Haldern, Germany August 8-10, 2013

Live At Squamish 2013 - Squamish, BC August 8-10, 2013

Way Out West 2013 - Goteborg, Sweden August 8-10, 2013

The Big Up 2013 - Claverack, NY August 8-10, 2013

KahBang Festival 2013 - Bangor, ME August 8-11, 2013

Rockin’ The Rivers 2013 - Three Forks, MT August 9-11, 2013

Flow Festival 2013 - Helsinki, Finland August 9-11, 2013

Wilderness 2013 - Oxfordshire, UK August 9-11, 2013

Outside Lands 2013 - San Francisco, CA August 9-11, 2013

Moe.Down Festival 2013 - Turin, NY August 9-11, 2013

Summer Set Music Festival 2013 - Somerset, WI August 9-11, 2013

Summer Sonic 2013 - Tokyo/Osaka, Japan August 9-11, 2013

Uproar Festival 2013 - North America Tour August 9- September 15, 2013

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